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Deep Dive on the American Revolution


James V. takes us on a deep dive in the American Revolution. How did the revolution of society become the political revolution for society? How did the Constitution complete the revolution of 1776 by ordering political power toward the expansive dynamism of civil-social liberty? Why did bourgeois radicals want the self-government of society â and not the political domination of factions over society? In order to prosecute the crisis of bourgeois society in capitalism â manifest in industrial proletarianization, the recrudescence of the slave-power, monopoly-finance capital â we first have to recapture what that ongoing revolution of and for society was and is. Timestamps: 0:00 parliamentary revolution vs. absolute monarchy 6:20 empire of liberty: the revolution of society 26:32 bourgeois revolution, not revolution of the bourgeoisie 41:15 imperial crisis of success: representing society? 1:08:40 from escape hatch to revolution 1:24:39 1776 and the Constitution: the political revolution for society 1:37:23 Constitution: class-interest or expanding civil society? 1:51:55 civil liberty vs. political liberty 2:17:18 Articles of Confederation: political liberty at expense of civil 2:29:30 modern representation of civil liberty vs. ancient direct democracy 2:36:26 channeling unsocial sociability: interests and the general will 2:45:37 cure for faction is a vast republic 2:48:06 goals for the federal republic 3:04:32 pursuit of happiness