About Us

About Sublation Media

Something is ending. Sublation Media is starting on the premise a failure might prove to be an opportunity. For more than a half-decade, we’ve tried to convince ourselves that the left is on the rise even as the defeats kept piling up.

The world capitalist system continues to erupt into crisis after crisis while the left stands by, seemingly impotent. Not only have we failed to accrue the power needed to intervene, but we’re also not sure what we want to do.

Might it be that when the crisis that is capitalism closes a door, it also opens a window? Or, to put it in a less cliched and pollyanna way, the benefit of admitting our failures will be that we will then have an opportunity to change.

Why are we called Sublation?

As per Google: “In sublation, a term or concept is both preserved and changed through its dialectical interplay with another term or concept. Sublation is the motor by which the dialectic functions. Sublation can be seen at work at the most basic level of Hegel’s system of logic.” This new company aims at making left and socialist theory more accessible than its name and at avoiding the worst aspects of leftist culture. We intend to attempt to sublate the contradictions we find both in our own ranks and in the larger world.

We will publish writers of long experience, new voices who might not otherwise ever find their way into print, and everything in between. We will produce videos that address, whether politically or theoretically, the crisis that presently grips us. We will conduct interviews with as many people on the left as possible, in good faith and with the aim of deepening our understanding.

Sublation will not “platform,” much less endorse, what we create. Rather, we seek to facilitate debate in hopes of educating ourselves and others.

Sublation includes a book publishing effort that will focus on critical theory and left politics, a magazine that will cover both current events and theoretical issues, YouTube videos where we’ll create both introductory videos and works aimed at a more seasoned and educated audience, and podcasts where we will try to enjoy each others company even as we interrogate each other and argue.

Sublation Media will continue to develop what our creative team created when we worked for JHP running the Zer0 Books imprint, even as we attempt to sublate our own previous efforts. Watch this space for more. 

Our Team

Ashley Frawley

Ashley Frawley is a lecturer at Swansea University and a sociologist, and the author of The Semiotics of Happiness.

Pascal Robert

Pascal Robert is a recovering lawyer, writer, and a co-host at the This is Revolution Podcast.

Alfie Bown

Alfie Bown is Lecturer in Digital Media Culture and Technology at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Jack Ross

Jack Ross is an independent historian and an acquisitions editor at Sublation.

Douglas Lain

Douglas Lain is the former publishing manager for Zer0 Books and the novelist behind books such as Bash Bash Revolution.

John M. Bunch

John M. Bunch is an instructional psychologist who we think lives in the backwoods of Florida.