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Christopher Lasch, Paul Sweezy, and the Great RESET


Originally uploaded November 23, 2020

This video was originally taken down for violating community standards on COVID. Thanks to @TeamYouTube [Help] the video was reevaluated and the warning issued to our channel was removed.

Is the Great RESET a World Economic Forum plan to destroy the economy in order to create the kind of conditions wherein the banks and politicians can easily establish the kind of total control they need in order to turn ALL the frogs Gay, or is it just another branding excercise meant to give the impression that the elites have a plan as everything falls apart?
In this video we take an excerpt from Michael Brooks book “Against the Web” as we continue exploring the ideas of Christopher Lasch. Specifically we explore how the dominance of the economic ideas of Paul Sweezy led even the best left critics of the left to embrace “progressive” reforms rather than develop socialism.

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